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Saving horses since 2011

 Renaissance Rescue Ranch

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Thank you so much for visiting our site! If you aren't finding the information you are seeking, please contact us.




Our mission is to rescue, protect and rehabilitate thoroughbreds (and all equine) in need. We are a "no-kill" sanctuary and will never put down a horse unless there is a medical reason and all other options have been exhausted. Our hope is to find loving homes for all of our horses. 

We are a 501(c)(3) organization.


Barb Hutchinson, our Founder and President, started in 2007 with a thoroughbred she and her husband, Laurence, rescued from a slaughterhouse sale. Barb was a very active competitor in the show jumping circles. That summer, a friend called Barb about a horse that was being sold to the killers because he had slab fractured his knee during a race. Barb bought the horse, paid for the surgery, and as they say – the rest is history.


 We have approximately 65+/- horses at our 75 acres facility in Farmington, Missouri, with the majority being from race tracks around the country. All of these beautiful horses need love and care, as well as food, shelter and, at times, medical treatment.


Some horses arrive with racetrack injuries that ended their careers or they weren't fast enough. We provide medical care and rehabilitate them. Some of our horses have been abandoned or given up, and for some reason, it is either us or the slaughterhouse. We currently have thirty-one horses over the age of fifteen and nine blind horses who are thriving in their little slice of heaven.

The Ranch doesn't limit horses to Thoroughbreds. We have a variety of horses, ponies and even a resident blind donkey named Jake. Other animals at the ranch include dogs, cats, roosters and chickens. 

Please feel free to call and make an appointment 

(314) 479-8858 to visit and see what is available for adoption. We also have horses that can be sponsored...check them out!

We welcome your visits, your donations and your presence as volunteers.

                          Our horses need you!

Get in Touch

4305 Hwy O, Farmington, MO 63640, USA

314-479-8858 (Barb Hutchinson)

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