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~We receive no state or federal funding.

~We rely on 100% of your generous donations to care for our 65(+/-) horses.

~There are many expenditures, but the most costly is feed and hay. 

  • Some of our horses require medicine and basic first aid on a daily basis.

  • A vet visit costs approximately $150/horse. They are all seen each year.

  • A dental visit costs between $80-$300 per horse.

  • A farrier comes out every 5-6 weeks for hoof trimming at $45-$90 per horse.

  • Bedding and feed will cost $500 per horse, per year.

  • De-wormer is $7 - $10/tube for each horse done 4 times a year per horse ($1,876 - $2,680 a year for all horses).

  • An emergency vet visit (to Paducah, KY) can cost between $250 - $6,000 (or more).

  • Hay costs $9/square bale (plus delivery costs). Our horses eat 4-5 bales every week (or 208-260 bales a year per horse, which is $1,872-$2,340 per horse a year.)

  • Grain costs $20/horse per day.

  • Horses also need tack gear (halters, lead ropes, blankets, blanket pads, fly masks, fly spray, etc.)

  • Horses drink 5-10 gallons of water a day, which is equivalent to two bathtubs full of water per horse. 

  • Older horses have special feed and we have many older horses.

  • There are supplements for the horses.

  • Ranch maintenance, including fence repair, paddock and barn maintenance.

  • Equipment costs and repairs.

  • Insurance costs

  • We have two full time and two part time employees who take care of our herd, not to mention our awesome volunteers. 


Are my donations tax deductible?


Renaissance Rescue Ranch is a recognized non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Usually your donation is tax deductible, however, you should always check with your tax advisor.

How does my donation help?

All of the donations go toward the care of the horses on the ranch. 

Can I organize a supply drive for your rescue?


You can hand out copies of our wish lists or shop our wish lists on Amazon, Chewy or Tractor Supply. The links can be found under "wish list."

If you want to purchase food or hay for the horses, please contact Barb at 314-479-8858 or email her at

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If you would prefer to send a check, please send to:

               Renaissance Rescue Ranch

               4305 Hwy O

               Farmington, MO 64630

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