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Volunteer Opportunities

(Daily chores happen everyday...rain, shine, snow, hot or cold weather!)

    "The very best way to help yourself and your community is by becoming an active volunteer." – Patrick Lencioni

Without our hardworking volunteers, we would not be able to care for our horses on the ranch. The volunteers not only take care of our residents, they give their time to help with fundraisers, birthday parties, private pony rides, and special groups that come to learn about the horses and our rescue.


  • Mucking stalls.

  • Putting down fresh bedding.

  • Cleaning and filling water buckets in stalls. 

  • Checking all pasture water troughs, filling and cleaning.

  • Feeding hay and grain.

  • Grooming horses, if experience allows.

  • Walking horses, if experience allows.

  • Making sure the dogs and cats on site have food and clean water.

  • Cleaning the cat litter boxes inside the bunkhouse.


  • General barn maintenance.

  • Repair fencing.

  • Mowing grass and weed wacking.

  • Other yard work.

  • Fundraising/Event Planning.

  • Sponsorships.

  • Marketing (such as creating an email newsletter.)

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